NuWay House, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization serving individuals recovering from substance use disorder since 1966.

We emphasize developing, sustaining and nurturing freedom from substance use disorder and mental illness. We support our clients as they learn skills to maintain sobriety and health and integrate into a level of successful independent living in the community. Many of our clients have had previous attempts at recovery.

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NuWay I and NuWay II provide individualized lengths of stay. Services provided for men.



2217 and 3R’s Counseling Centers offer outpatient and continuing care, mixed gendered programming.



"I had a wonderful experience there…the staff from the top, to the entry level, were extremely supportive and helpful in my recovery! I am coming up on 2 years of sobriety and I have much gratitude for Nuway."

‐ Christopher H.

"…I want to say that I have worked with [my client] for over a year and a half and truly have never seen him doing as well as he is currently. I believe that is in large part due to NuWay and the program run there. [My client] has had nothing but positive things to say about the program. As someone who does many assessments and makes many referral's to treatment facilities all over the state, from a professional standpoint I have been nothing but impressed with the referral process, admission, coordination, documentation, promptness of sending TX [treatment] plans and case notes, as well as the treatment provided at NuWay and have passed this information on to all the assessor's in Anoka County last week at our quarterly meeting. I will continue to refer to NuWay without any hesitation for any client I feel is appropriate for your program."

‐ Kevyn H., MS, LADC Mental Health Practitioner

"Nuway was a big part of my recovery. Over three years sober since graduating there. To me it was more than halfway house, it was second chance to figure out who I was as a man, and who I wanted to be."

‐ Tony N.

"Following discharge from NuWay, I stayed connected to NuWay. I would stop by and talk to the techs and counselors. This was an important part of my recovery, staying connected. Eventually, I was able to become an employee of NuWay, utilizing my culinary background. If I keep my acceptance, I keep my serenity. NuWay is an awesome place to get sober. The clients and staff are great! "

‐ Scotty E.